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Would You Brave Snorkeling in Iceland? Yes, you can.

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You read right – it’s not a typo – we’re talking about snorkeling in ICEland (not an island).

We stumbled on an article that reminded us of our adventure in Wales, surfing and cliff jumping into the cold Atlantic waters of Pembrookshire National Park.  We’ll tell you more about that in posts to come; for now it’s all about the Iceland experience.

Winter usually has us dreaming of tropical destinations and holidays when we can wear our bikinis, so it’s a nice break from that to discover unusual activities in chilly Iceland.  Check out this article about the travelers of Kaleidoscopic Wandering who went on a unique tour caving and snorkeling in a country where you wouldn’t expect to be doing much swimming:

“We jumped into the frigid water (and yes, the dry suit did wonders to keep me warm, though I could definitely tell there was a bite to the lake)…”

iceland lake

Iceland Þingvallavatn Lake. Photo:Atli Harðarson


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