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Which Type of African Safari Suits Your Sense of Adventure?

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You may have an idea of what an African safari looks like – driving over bumpy savanna in a jeep while looking out over the horizon to spot an elephant or a lion, imagining you’re in the middle of a nature documentary, tracking one of the “Big 5″ to get them on camera.

That type of guided safari is on the menu but you’ll be surprised to know that safaris come in many other shapes and forms, like in hot air balloons for one. Choosing the type of safari to suit your adventure travel urges will depend where in Africa you want to go and what animals you ultimately want to see.

If it’s primates that lure you then you’ll probably head to Uganda or Rwanda on a Primate Safari. If you’re a DIY type of guy (or gal) a Self-Drive Safari could lead you down the right dirt road to discovery.

The options are more numerous than you’d think, so check out the list described in this top 10 safaris post on GlobalGrasshopper’s website, before deciding on your safari trip. The list has come from the tours offered by Mahlatini Luxury Travel, so these are tours for those who like comfort served up with their adventure. Select your favorite safari experience, put on your wide brim Tilley hat and you’re good to go!

While you’re in Africa, why not combine your safari through Tanzania or Kenya with a trek up Kilimanjaro, like our friend Linh did. You can read about his successful Kilimanjaro summit attempt here.

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The sights on Linh’s African safari after a challenging trek on Kilimanjaro. If you look closely you’ll see a gazelle hidden among the zebras. Photo: Linh Vien Thai, All Rights Reserved

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  1. McMillan

    January 9, 2015 at 7:03 am

    This is really a worthy post. Everyone should aware of which type of African safari will suit you and your sense of adventure before planning a safari. I completely agree with this. Do a research first, then only plan a safari trip.

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