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Should Prague be on your Europe Trip Itinerary? Discover the Czech Capital and Surroundings

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The worth of any travel destination can only be judged by the individual traveller.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and travel destinations fit this timeless adage.

What is intriguing, worth paying for and worth spending time on is different for different people.  So what is Prague all about and what sort of travelers will enjoy this city that is growing in popularity as a must-see stop on Europe trips?

prague divoka sarka

Divoka Sarka just outside the city, in nature with a city view. Photo- analytik.


Outdoor Adventures

Hiking, biking and rock climbing are not likely the first activities that come to mind upon mentioning Prague.  However, there are large park areas in and around Prague that will satisfy active travelers and get you out of the urban landscape and surrounded by nature.

Very close, just on the outskirts of the city, is Divoká Šárka where rock faces shape the landscape and provide a playground for climbers.  A bit further from the city, to the north close to the Polish border, another outdoor destination calls, Český ráj.  More on these destinations in our Prague magazine issue!

prague night

Nights are lively in Prague. Photo- noviceromano


Night Life

Many travelers hit Prague as a party destination.  Boat parties, pub crawls and night clubs attract travelers making their way around Europe and stag party groups alike.

Decent prices and the easy going atmosphere are main factors making the city a night life destination.  Safety is one thing to keep on your mind however, as there are certain scams in place to rope in unsuspecting tourists.  Learn more about what to watch out for to ensure you’ll walk away with great memories – and with all of your belongings.

museum prague communism

Captivating poster for the Museum of Communism, Prague. Photo- Dario Garavini


Architecture, History and Museums

From contemporary art installations and imposing controversial pieces to a range of architecture, castles and the museum of communism, the cultural influences jump out of every corner.  Around Prague’s old and new towns and across the river on the other side of Charles Bridge you can enjoy the sights and sounds that this historically intense city has to offer.  Marionettes are popular in Prague too and you can catch a show at the Marionette Theatre.  For more on things to do in Prague flip through our mag issue or check out the top activities rated by travelers.


So there you have it – whether you’re a history buff, an avid outdoor enthusiast or just looking for a good time, Prague has it all.  That could explain why the city has moved up in priority for travelers and city breakers in recent years.

Cities with depth and a diverse range of activities can beef up your trip itinerary as you can experience a little bit of everything in one place.   Prague is a destination that is made more interesting with the surrounding Czech villages and landscape that should be explored.  Give yourself an extra day or two to make some day trips from the city.

Read traveler experiences and advice in our Prague magazine edition!

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