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Summer 2013 Magazine Cover: Prague, With Personality

Ahoj, Hello Prague!

If you’re planning a trip to Europe there are so many must-see destinations that you’ll have trouble cramming them all in.  The key is to focus on the cities and regions that offer the activities and attractions that suit your travel style – are you into architecture? Outdoors stuff and staying active? Museums?  Night life?

That’s the thing about Prague – it offers all of the above and more.  Read in our Summer issue about the main urban hot spots in Prague and the attractions around the city.  The landscape in Czech Republic is great for climbers, hikers and mountain bikers as you’ll discover in this issue.

You’ll even find tips for staying safe and avoiding potential scams in Prague as well as an exclusive interview with an adventurous guy that has a lot to say about wearing the right underwear… You’ll see what we mean.


Editor’s note: Right smack in the middle of summer we’re bringing you hot European destinations that should be top on your trip list.  Greece, the previous issue, and now Prague.  Our contributors this month inspired us to be more adventurous so we’re sure they’ll inspire you too.


In this issue of Prague, With Personality you get:

  • A guide to the top activities in and around Prague and why they’re worth a visit (despite many other tourist doing the same)
  • Ideas and inspiration for your trip to Czech Republic
  • A specially compiled map for our readers of all the places of interest mentioned in the magazine
  • Tips on avoiding scams and keeping your money and self safe in Prague, and for general travel
  • A compilation of outdoor adventure videos for summer fun (and winter if you’re brave)


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