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Photographing London: Condensed One-Day Guide

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London is nothing short of an iconic city.  We wrote about what makes the city worth the trip and ways to explore it without breaking the bank.  And now we’ve found the photographer’s version of the guide to discovering London.

With so much to see you’ll need a good plan to capture all the best sights at their finest moments.  After almost 4 years in London, we can assure you that these photos by Nomadic Vision and their guide to photographing London in a day is top notch.  Great tips and it’s all free!

“From the Painted Hall, it is a short walk up the hill to the Greenwich Observatory Point. From this point, there is an amazing view over the Baroque Naval Colleges contrasting with the modern architecture of Canary Wharf.”

If you have a bit longer than a day the one additional area for photos we would recommend is the posh, pristine Notting Hill area.  The streets of colonial style all-white town houses are movie set quality (as proven by the Julia Roberts film of yesteryear, Notting Hill).  This area is historically and still today frequented by many a famous person (take the Celebrity Tour if this peaks your curiosity). If you’re there on a Friday or Saturday you can hit Portobello Market for some antique or funky items and maybe some people watching.

Speaking of people watching, we have to add just one more area.  Camden Town is full of wonderfully curious characters that show a real gritty and interesting side to London’s music and fashion scenes.

While our photos from our old compact camera are no comparison to Nomadic Vision’s (check out the link above) here’s one from our day in Notting Hill on the Celebrity Tour, just to give you a taste of Notting Hill, London:

notting hill housesRows of white town houses, the green private gardens are in the back hidden away. Wonder who lives here…


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