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Photographer Spotlight on Panoramas: Capturing Athens Greece

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When you think Greece and Athens you probably think of sights like the Parthenon, right?  Sights like this:

athens parthenon

Colorful decorations around the Parthenon. Athens, Greece. Photo: Pedro Szekely

Or maybe like this?

athens attraction sunset

National Observatory of Athens. Photo: Pedro Szekely


These are both stunning photos that portray an excitable quality of Athens’ main sights – well done to the photographer Pedro Szekely.  Today though, we’re looking beyond the main sights at some interesting street scenes around Athens.

While a great travel writer can make readers feel like they are there with them in a destination, so can a great photographer capture the essence and atmosphere of a place and suck you in.  This is one of the qualities we look for in photographers for our spotlight feature.

Another attribute that stands out for us is when photographers capture moments and locations that go beyond what we’re used to seeing.  A unique angle, a less traveled street or a new take on an old favorite.

Panoramas’ collection of photos has both qualities of uniqueness and atmosphere.  In addition, an extra feature has been added that’s great for travelers – a link to the exact photo location from the photo on Flickr.  Not only can you see yourself in the place – you can physically get there;  a great planning tool.

Now, Athens is a pretty difficult place to take unique photos.  With so many tourists passing by the ancient ruins and through the city each year, it seems like it’s all been done before.

However, the photographer in the spotlight today has taken some great shots around some smaller streets that really capture the essence of Europe, Greece and the Mediterranean.

Enjoy these Athens photos by Panoramas and check out our Greece magazine issue on Newsstand!

Plaka is an old historical neighborhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. It's labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture are a photographer's dream. Photo Panoramas - click photo to get location.

athens graffiti

Plaka by night and the graffiti of Greece. Photo Panoramas

athens scooter

Athens transport. Photo: Panoramas

athens pier

Athens Pier Perspective. Photo: Panoramas - click photo for large view

Last on our list but not least (and you’ll find many more gems in the Panoramas Flick stream),

athens streets

Monastiraki of Athens. Photo: Panoramas - click photo for larger view

We hope you enjoyed this photographer spotlight and inspired you to get out and grab some unique photos of your next travel destination.

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