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Pembrokeshire Coast – Rock Huggers in Wales UK – Digital Nomad Travel Magazine

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Magazine Cover – Pembrokeshire Coast edition

Helô, hello Wales!

Pembrokeshire Coast Wales edition.

Set off for adventurous, rugged… Wales! Yes, you heard right. The Pembrokeshire Coast on the western fringes of the main British Isle is a nature-lovers dream. Whether for a calming walk along the rural coastal path or a more exhilarating journey hanging from rocks between cliff and sea, this region will keep you on your toes.

Below the walking trail that runs along the cliff tops, there is a rockier, sea-level “path” followed by people in wet suits so they can explore in and out of caves, over rocks and swimming with the odd curious seal passing by – an activity also known as coasteering.

Not heard of Pembrokeshire before? A pronunciation note – think about saying “New Hampshire” (3 syllables), it has a similar pronunciation “PEM-brook-sher”.

In this edition:

  • Kayaking the rocky coast with a seal’s eye view
  • Taking the plunge and exploring the coastal crooks and crannies while coasteering
  • A place base your stay that encourages you to express your adventurous side
  • Insider interview with a woman who has been exploring the coast with visitors for over 25 years
  • St Brides Bay, Abermawr, Skomer Island & its puffins, Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park


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