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Overseas Travel: Adventure Experiences A – Z

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New to adventure travel or an avid adventurer who is new to the site? Or maybe you’re just looking for inspiration for your next trip.  Whatever the case may be, you’re sure to find something here to pique your interest.

Digital Nomad‘s mission is focused around ordinary people going beyond their limits and off the beaten path.  For you that may be thrilling extreme sports and strenuous expeditions or going off the beaten path to find authentic cultural, culinary and urban environments.  We see all of these experiences as potentially teeming with adventure.

We specialize in connecting you with travelers who have been there, who are accessible and who we trust to provide inspiration and guidance through realistic accounts of their travel adventures.  Accompanied by the work of great travel photographers, the destinations and experiences really come to life in our magazine and online.

We bring you the stories, travel and photography tips, news and reviews to inspire and guide you, in getting out on your next adventure trip.  Here are the experiences you’ll discover through Digital Nomad Travel Magazine online, from A to Z:



Adventure Travel

Get your heart racing, push the limits of your comfort zone and take some risks. Adventure taken abroad, overseas into a foreign environment, is made that much more exciting.  Whether you surf in the Maldives, go coasteering in Wales, jump into heli-skiing in New Zealand or hop a safari around Tanzania, there’s no corner of the earth that doesn’t provide excitement in some form or another.

What we like to call Kinetic Travel is for travelers that want to stay active – biking, hiking, surfing, paragliding, skiing, climbing, diving.  What’s your top choice “–ing” activity for travelling?  We aim to provide resources and ideas for active travelers.


Cultural Travel & Meeting the Locals

When you travel you’ll inevitably come in contact with different cultures; however the depth and authenticity of these interactions will depend on you and the type of trip you choose.  Generally independent travelers, who stray from tour groups, will regularly experience real and sometimes challenging encounters with the local population.   While we often think it’s the sport or the landscape that thrills us the most, often it’s the people that really resonate with us.  These cultural experiences could be the difference between an average visit abroad and an extraordinary one!


Desert Treks & Expeditions

At first glance a desert may not look all that exciting with its monotone appearance and lack of, well, much of anything.  Still, since most of us have never lived in the desert (going out on a limb here), these places are home to cultures and ways of life so different from our own that there is no shortage of awe and amazement to be had.  From the Mongolian nomads in their gers to Bedouin desert dwellers of Arabia, desert peoples and the experiences travelers can have are diverse.  A desert trip or desert safari could be a unique addition for your travel repertoire.



Put a purpose behind your journey, then gather a team and some equipment to help get you there, and you’ve got yourself an expedition.  You may or may not consider yourself an expeditionist but anyone can take part in an expedition, though some preparation and physical training will likely be necessary.  From climbing Kilimanjaro or aiming for Everest Base Camp, to wildlife safaris, Antarctica tours or cycling through India, each involves more planning than the average sightseeing excursion.  You’ll likely need an outfitter for special gear and a trusted company to provide the guides and expedition team.   Digital Nomad aims to bring recommendations and reviews to help you prepare.


Food Travel

If food doesn’t sound like an adventure to you, then you might not have gone far enough off the beaten path away from the tourist restaurants to immerse yourself in local, sometimes puzzling, yet rewardingly delicious ethnic food.  You may need to turn a blind eye to standards of cleanliness and methods of preparation that are unheard of at home, but if you’ve found the right place your taste buds will tell you.  With the language barrier, just knowing what’s on the menu and ordering is half of the food travel adventure.


Hiking & Trekking Excursions

Open for interpretation, hiking trips can technically be of any distance or difficulty level.  Throughout Europe and North America there are tons of long distance hiking trails that can be done in part or in their entirety, as a bigger challenge.  Whether you head up mountain trails or across countryside, the hiking backdrops are as diverse as the hikers that follow their paths.  Combined with camping and canoeing, you can really turn your vacation into an outdoor travel extravaganza.

If you’re heading into uncharted territory, unmarked paths and into more rugged terrain, away from most civilization and transportation, you’re likely trekking rather than hiking.  Trekking is a popular activity in the Andes of South America, Bhutan, India and Nepal, to name a few destinations.


Islands & Archipelagos

While the first impression you might have of island life is kicking back on a beach, there are endless exotic adventures to be had in the tropics that will keep you active and adequately fired up.  Island travel adventures can be water-based including surfing and scuba diving, like in the Maldives, or contrasting land-based quests surrounded by jungle and wildlife, like in Madagascar and the Galapagos.  Above the surface or below, exotic travel will put you in touch with some of the most abundantly diverse environments on the earth; ideal destinations for eco-tourism.


Kayaking Expeditions & Excursions

Sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking, as part of an activity holiday, gets you up close to features of the water and landscape that may otherwise be difficult to come close to.  The element of adventure comes in with the surroundings and the pace of the water – peaceful paddles around Thailand’s island rock cliffs or along the coast of Wales may be ideal for some travelers while some want to go more extreme and kayak the icy waters of Antarctica or the rapids of Western Canada.  Either way you’ll want to feel comfortable in the kayak and with the water before heading out too far from shore or get to stuck into the roaring rapids.


Mountain Climbing

Each of the continents presents challenges when it comes to mountain climbing; treks can range from day hikes to full expeditions to reach the summits of these towering giants.  Of the seven summits, the highest peaks of each of the continents, Kilimanjaro of Tanzania is the most accessible with no prior mountaineering experience or technical skill required.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy though.  Explore the Rockies, the Andes, the Himalayas, the Alps or any other of the earth’s mountain ranges (or all of them!) depending on your skill and experience.


Snorkelling & Scuba Dive Adventures

The underwater world contains some of the most strange and wonderful creatures.  Anyone who has been snorkelling or scuba diving will tell you that the silent world beneath the water’s surface is full of discovery and dense diversity of life, which is hard to see in any one place on land.  Around coral reefs, the “rainforests of the sea”, we can see a lot of the buzzing marine life whereas in a rainforest the creatures are hidden among the trees.  Snorkelling can be done without any training but scuba diving will require an instructor and if you’ll be making a habit out of diving you’ll want to get a certification.


Travel Magazine

A magazine – an adventure experience?  Bit of a stretch you say?  Well, if you’ve seen our magazine and travel guides in the app on iPad and iPhone, you’ll agree the reading experience is awesome!  It has capabilities beyond online magazines in PDF, and other formats, and stands miles apart from traditional print magazines. Inside the app there’s integrated video and internet browsing as well as social media sharing, which takes reading from simply one-dimensional to something interactive and nothing short of entertaining.  In short, it’s an unparalleled, multimedia experience in travel reading.


Urban Travel

They call it the urban jungle for a reason; cities can be a source of excitement and discovery through exploration of human life and interaction, architecture and transportation. They’re thought of as the antithesis to nature but, then again, you can likely find as interesting of creatures in your urban travel adventures as you would in the jungle or marine world.  Cities are the culmination of culture and creativity where travelers often stay in transit or expressly for a city break.  We’ve taken readers to Istanbul, Prague, Bangkok and more via the magazine.


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