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North African Adventure: Surf Morocco

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On the Atlantic coast the surf is plentiful.  Moroccans and tourists alike come to take advantage of it throughout the year.  While there are spots all along the coast, including on the urban beaches of Casablanca, in the south is where you’ll find many surf camps and an atmosphere of surf life.

The coastline is beautiful down towards Essaouira and further down towards Agadir.  The area around Taghazout is a hot spot, with surf towns you’d think not possible in the North African country (you might think you stepped onto a movie set, which Morocco is also famous for by the way).

In the town of Taghazout (pronounced – Tarazoot) is where the surfers culminate and where you’ll find the lively atmosphere of restaurants,shops and social hangouts.  If you’re looking for something more calming in the way of a retreat, just minutes south on the coast are smaller villages like Tamraght with surf camps that are much calmer.  These places generally have their own accommodation, equipment, transportation and instructors so your whole experience is taken care of.

Our experience with GoSurfMorocco was great, we checked out their accommodation, which looked comfy, but we had already booked our own local apartment.  There are tons of other surf places that you can find by looking at Trip Advisor or searching Google maps for Tamraght surf.  We just checked the reviews online.  With GoSurfMorocco their instructors not only talked about the physical elements of surfing but also the practical theory like the types of waves, direction and what to look out for in the water.  They want to train you to surf on your own and pick the right waves.

There were tons of surf spots along the coast for varying levels of difficulty, Banana Beach for beginners and Devil’s Rock for more advanced.  Whether you’re an avid surfer or just starting out, this area is ideal.  Moroccan champion surfers even frequent the area.

Surf-ing is one of the “ings” in our Kinetic Travel series, which you can read more about.  Or, check out these other ways to experience adventure.

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Go Surf Morocco! Photo: Gui Seiz, Flickr


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