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Will you be Riding the Nomad Bus this Winter?

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The world is your adventure oyster. And if your idea of a great adventure is hitting the slopes on the best snow while making yourself at home with like-minded people, then hop on the Nomad Bus this winter. What’s that, you say?

Well, to find out you will have to read our interview with Nomad Bus creators, Val and Tim from Let’s Be Nomads:

nomad bus lets be nomads

Val & Tim love their powder!

Q1. Where did the idea of The Nomad Bus come from and what is it all about? What makes it unique?
A: The Nomads Bus epiphany was a mix of the inspirational Tiny house livin’ video and the idea of living a nomadic life in a skoolie (converted school bus).

We will be converting a bus into a cool living space and traveling to selected destinations in France and Switzerland, in search of the best powder, starting from Bern, Switzerland in January 2015.

What’s unique about it is that it’s never done before, definitely not to accommodate the lower budget travellers. We want to offer a once in a lifetime adventure with great snow and good vibes, without making riders spend thousands of euros: It’s the world’s first powder-chasing hostel on wheels!

Q2. How will the tour work and how will you choose the locations? Are there any comparable tours?

A: First of all there are no comparable tours, we’re definitely a one of a kind business. We have chosen two different pickup points for our first winter tour in the European Alps where people can get on the bus. To give you an example in France the pickup point is Chambery, where you can jump on the bus and will be driven to a resort nearby with the best snow conditions available at that time.

skoolie nomad bus

Celebration skoolie style. They bought the bus!

Q3. Tell us about the “hostel on wheels” you’ve created. How many can bunk together and what do you imagine the atmosphere will be like? Have you experienced something similar before?

A: There will be a dorm room with 6 bunks. We ourselves will be sleeping in a private room in the back. It will be cozy, that’s for sure. We’ll have a total of 25m2 of living space. Not much but a team of architects and an interior designer are drawing up plans to create the optimal usage of space without losing the chalet vibe. When people come back from a great day on the hill they can relax next to the wood stove or outside in our après-ski area created by an awning on the side of the bus and many other fun features. Val will be cooking delicious healthy meals and there will always be some fun adventures to be found in the ski towns.

We came across the Benni bus on the Internet. We’ve never been on it, but these two Dutchies did a similar hostel on wheels in Central-America, which turned out to be a big success. Taking it to the snow and western countries however is a whole different story.

nomad bus interior skoolie

Before the transformation... won't be like this for long.

Q4. What are the challenges of putting together this type of endeavour? It seems pretty unique so are you building everything from scratch?

A: This is one of the main reasons why we are buying an American school bus so we can take out everything, even the inside walls and start with a blank canvas to create the interior the way we envision it to be.

There are heaps of challenges and we have come across a great deal of them already, for example wanting to do this project in the States/Canada but realising it’s ten times easier for us as Europeans to do it near home and maybe expand overseas in the future. It’s hard to predict what challenges we will face along the road but to every problem is a solution and in the meantime we will be enjoying great snow and unforgettable adventures that will make the troubles disappear like sunshine over rain.

nomad bus

The sky is the limit on how much fun this winter will be...

5. What kind of travellers do you think will really get a kick out of this experience?

A: The ones who enjoy the benefits of living simply and choose adventure over luxury. We are aiming for experienced riders who are looking for something different. The focus will be on the quality of snow and exploring the backcountry together in a family-like atmosphere.

6. How can people reserve their spot, what are the dates and deadlines, and what other ways are there to get involved in the project?

A: Now that we’ve wrapped up our wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, all tickets are available from our website at You can choose your preferred time period and sector.

We’re also looking for Nomads who are willing to become a part of the Nomads family. Such as: media nomads to film, local nomads to show the best spots of their season resort and skilled nomads who can help us convert the bus.

skoolie reno

Just what will the skoolie look like after its makeover?

7. What can we look forward to hearing about in the coming months, are there any events or other promotions leading up to the departure? How can we keep up with your news?

A: The whole summer everybody is welcome to come over to the building site in Leuven, Belgium where we will have beers and BBQ ready for those who are willing to put their creativity and skills into this project. There will be constant updates on our website with great videos and pictures from the media nomads.

When the bus is finished there will be a big opening party with the premiere of our first episode and some good tunes. You can get all the info you need plus tickets on our Let’s Be Nomads website.

See you on the bus!

nomad bus

We can’t wait to see what the skoolie becomes! Watch this space and as the fun continues this summer.

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