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Made with Care: Thai Food Noodles and Soup [PHOTO]

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One of the amazing things about Thai Street food and the street kitchens is that it’s comparable to home cooking.  Their methodical preparations bring together a plethora of flavors into each dish from meats to vegetables, herbs, spices, egg and noodles or rice.  Even a simple soup broth is filled with a depth of flavor I would be incapable of reproducing.

As shown in the photo, the spice cupboard is laid out around the cooking area for easy access.  All the secret ingredients are there – well, they’re not so secret I just don’t know what they all are!

If the photo below is at all tempting you’ll love our issue about Bangkok Street Food!

thai cuisine Clockwise from top left: The lovely chefs hard at work, fried noodles with seafood, the spice “cupboard” & yummy soup accompaniment


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