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Lunchtime Thai Street Food in Ao Nang Krabi [VIDEO]

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One part of the Thai experience we’ll never tire of is its flavors.  In Ao Nang there is a whole range of touristy restaurants from Egyptian to Italian and Indian cuisine but away from the main crowded streets some fresh, tasty street food awaits.  The area just outside Ao Nang (across from the tourist police office) has a row of vendors with a diverse mix – you could have a 5-course meal if you so desire.  BBQ chicken and whole fish, salads, roti (pancakes), juice “shakes”, coconut desserts – and that’s just what we ate!  There’s so much more.

I’m constantly marveling over the complexity the Thai vendors put together from their carts, which they simply drive away attached to their motorbike at the end of the day.  The world’s tastiest meals on wheels!  All those ingredients – spices, herbs, fruit, veggies and meats – they meticulously create dishes and even wrap them up in a way that could be considered an art form.  Then it all gets packed up neatly for another day; we’ve even seen them driving along with the BBQ still smoking on their way home.

Unlike many other street vendor areas, this one had a large seating area and it gave a great view into the cooking action.  Here’s the view from the seating area behind the carts – it’s bustling – everyone’s busy either eating, serving or cooking:


Have we tantalized you to read more on Thai street food?  Check out our Bangkok mag issue on iPad newsstand.  No iPad?  No problem – here is the ultimate guide to Thai street food which you can get online.

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