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Kinetic Travel: Adventure That Never Stops

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The urge to get up, get out and get moving – abroad – that’s Kinetic Travel.  We’ve distinguished it from adventure travel because it specifically involves activities that keep you constantly moving – sometimes with speed and maybe a little risk. Now, many of these  physically active “kinetic” activities – biking, climbing, kiteboarding – could be done close to home, depending on your surroundings.  What we’re talking about here is taking them international, into unknown territory, and throwing in that extra element of foreign adventure.

Cycling Expeditions

If getting moving for you involves a bike there are tons of places to go.  You can practically bike the planet if you have the time and resources.  Popular destinations for cycling expeditions are India, China, New Zealand and Peru, which require a minimum level of fitness; training in challenging weather will be to your advantage prior to departure.  If you prefer to guide yourself, discover freely and go at your own pace, European destinations offer interesting itineraries and landscapes.

Trekking, Hiking & Mountaineering

If you prefer to stay both feet on the ground and trekking suits you better, then try Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro or the Annapurna Circuit of the Himalayas or, head to Patagonia to trek the Andes of South America.  Mountaineering may lead you to to more challenging heights in Nepal or Bolivia.  Hiking, on the other hand, can take you throughout the extensive network in Europe, a classic choice, or to somewhere out of the ordinary, like Korea.  While hiking suits a range of fitness levels, trekking and mountaineering will require some advance fitness training and/or skill.

Coasteering, Surfing & Kayaking

How about trying something out of the ordinary by coasteering in Wales?   The rocky shores have crevices and caverns just waiting to be discovered, alongside cliffs ready to be used as diving boards and beaches with waves ready for surf.  Kayaking is also on the menu.  You’ll need a full wet suit to keep you from the chilly water temperatures, though.  Coasteering is suitable for active people yet no prior experience is required.

Surfing on the Atlantic coast of Morocco won’t disappoint either.  There’s a surprisingly vibrant surf culture in the south of the country.

Kinetic Travel is for all those travelers who only stop to eat and sleep in between pedaling, scrambling, gliding, jumping and swerving (and maybe some high-fiving…).  The choices are virtually endless so your decision will depend on the distance you want to travel, the amount of time you can spend, the fitness level you can realistically achieve prior to departure and, of course, the cost.

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Photo left, center: Zach Dischner, Flickr; Photo right: jenny downing, Flickr

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