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Kilimanjaro Trekking to the Extreme: Two Contrasting Experiences

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Travel presents many a challenge and risk. From barely bothersome airline woes to pushing the body to its physical limits on some of the world’s tallest mountain peaks, the predicaments we can find ourselves in when travelling are endless and diverse.

An expedition on Africa’s highest peak, Uhuru Peak of Kilimanjaro, is not among the small challenges.  Six to eight days of fighting the elements along with physical and mental exhaustion are not for the fainthearted.  However, it’s a goal that once attempted may require a successful finish, as those who attempt and fail still yearn to return to reach the summit.

That’s the story of Sherry Ott from Ottsworld.  She once made a Kilimanjaro summit attempt without success, yet she now looks back on it as a lesson in learning from her failures.  It’s an interesting story you can read here.

I want to go back more than ever and finish what I started! I always knew I would go back one day and attempt it again, but it wasn’t until now that the thought seemed exciting again. -Sherry Ott

We were intrigued by her story as our issue about Kilimanjaro follows the journey of a successful but difficult attempt.  While Sherry battled the physical challenges that this mountain presents, our story teller endured more of the environmental and cultural ones.  Both journeys are worth following to see just how different the experience can be from one adventurer to another.

While it’s not the world’s tallest peak, summiting the massive volcanic mountain in Tanzania is an objective worth aiming for, confirmed by both those who have been successful and unsuccessful “summiters”.

Check out the Kilimanjaro Adventure issue.

kilimanjaro sunriseSunrise views are unbeatable from the summit trails on Kilimanjaro. Photo: Linh Vien Thai (more of his photos and adventures in the Kilimanjaro Adventure issue!)


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