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Just How Much Money Do I Need to Travel? Financial Travel Tips

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Some trips are easy to plan financially: annual one-week vacations, all-inclusive packages and liveaboard diving tours to name a few.  Little costings to predict; raising the funds could be the main challenge.  Other more independent travel plans, however, get complicated depending on how long you travel, to which countries and on the range of activities you are looking for.  Knowing how much money you’ll need is an important part of travel planning and we found a website that has some really helpful tips we want to share with you.  Read on to find out more…

We have only been on the road for a few months now.  We work online everyday – we basically have a 9-5 job with overtime, but without having to go to an office in any particular country.    Before starting life as “digital nomads” we traveled as part of university exchanges and during annual leave from our jobs – funded by small amounts of savings or bonuses we came into here and there.  We took advantage of travel deals online and through work.  Traveling is a priority for us over shopping or going out partying so travel is where our money goes.

As for funding long term and independent travel, we will wait before attempting to dish out any advice on that.  BUT we did find this website with a load of financial travel tips – it’s a great resource for travel planning.

“It’s the million dollar question (for which hopefully the answer isn’t “a million dollars”): How much money do you need to start traveling?”

singapore moneyHow far will your money go? Check out cost of living and the exchange rate before travelling. Singapore’s currency was colorful – but not the cheapest country to visit!


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  1. Taras

    December 21, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Here you can find calculated expenses for different cities

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