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Madagascar In The Wild: December 2012 Issue Digital Nomad Travel Magazine

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madagascar magazineDecember Issue Magazine Cover: Madagascar In the Wild

Bonjour Madagascar!

Made famous in the movies mainly for the wildlife, Madagascar is an amazingly diverse island. From beaches to jungle, paddy fields and rocky ridges, this issue, Madagascar In The Wild takes across the highlands and into the jungle.

A world super-traveller and a 3-year volunteer share their excursions in the untamed “Tana” and the wilderness in Ankarana National Park.  Then, Madagascar From Within digs a bit deeper, check out issue 4.



Editor’s Note:
The focus on Madagascar was an easy decision, intriguing with exotic species known nowhere else. We were in contact great photographer and friend who just returned from Madagascar and just had to get his stuff in our magazine.


In short, the Madagascar In the Wild issue gives you:

  • Adventures in the capital city
  • Immersion in culture and landscape through video and photography
  • Coastal way of life on the island revealed
  • African market shopping
  • Reflections on the lasting effects of a coup
  • Lemurs! Chameleons! And more.

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