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How to See a Country at its Craziest: New Year in Vietnam

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Across Asia the New Year is celebrated in many forms and across many different dates.  Japan celebrates when the calendar turns from December to January, China and Vietnam mark the new lunar cycle with festivity and Thailand celebrates in mid-April along with Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

As the Thai New Year approaches and we prepare to get a taste for the wild water wackiness we’ve heard the event will bring, it seemed fitting to post about other crazy New Year celebrations in Asia.

Who better to describe this experience than professional traveler and foodie, Jodi, from Legal Nomads. She has an insider’s view into the Vietnamese Tet celebrations in Ho Chi Minh City, which we suggest you delve into, here in her blog post.  As she describes:

“As the Year of the Snake approached, a pre-Tet madness shifted the aura of frenzy to a peak, a harder edge to everyone’s movements and glances.”

Vietnam streetStreets full of festivity – and people – in Vietnam. Photo: Silence, Flikr


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