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How to Avoid Disappointing Travel Advice that just doesn’t Suit You – Innovations in Travel

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As a digital-only magazine focused around infopreneurs and their love of travel, Digital Nomad Magazine is keen to highlight innovations in the online travel space.

We also recognize that sometimes getting travel advice can be confusing or disappointing.  As travelers, we read recommendations and reviews of other travelers, but do they really suit our own tastes? We have been disappointed on more than one occasion after following a trusted traveler’s suggestion – but that doesn’t mean it was bad advice? No, we just all have our own preferences and idiosyncrasies.  So, how do we get tailored travel recommendations to really suit us?

An innovative website, called DELI, is addressing this issue by providing a way to match travel suggestions with your personality.

Read how this concept came about from its founder, Anna Kolk, then check out their website platform:


Interview with Anna Kolk, founder of DELI – Online, personality-based travel platform

1. Where did the idea for DELI come from and what makes it a great tool for independent travelers? How do you pick the attractions/places that you suggest?

Anna: I myself and Geet (my partner) are brought up very internationally, we have lived all over the world and love traveling for both work and pleasure. A whole while ago we faced the problem of being in a metropolis and being overwhelmed with all the city has to offer till the point where you end up in your own hotel bar because you just don’t know which ‘hotspot’ is the ‘hottest’ right now. DELI turns the conventional city guide formula around by focusing on it’s user and his/her personality, instead of pushing the most popular/artsy/alternative places and not looking into the users’ preferences.


2. How does the site work and how do you decide what attractions will be appealing to a certain type of personality? Are there any comparable online platforms out there?

Anna: It took us longer than half a year to figure out what questions to ask and how to link those answers to the database. We’ve been lucky to have been working with great psychologists and sociologists, who have helped us connecting the dots. DELI exists out of 14 defined personality types and the algorithm connects those to the database entries – quite a high mathematical business I must tell you! ;) Before investing all of our savings into the concept we have double checked (and trust us, we couldn’t believe it) that there’s nothing like DELI and haven’t run into any copycats so far either!


3. Tell us about your journey into becoming an entrepreneur. What challenges have you faced and what achievements have been the most satisfying?

Anna: I founded Perspektive more than 2 years ago, a creative agency which has never stopped evolving. We position ourselfs as ‘digital branders, based in Amsterdam’ – we strongly focus on design. Besides me all of the Perspektive staff are designers and no one is Dutch, haha. The whole team believed in the DELI concept right away and everyone has been working over-hours to make this concept into a working product. Having said that, the primary financial estimations haven’t turned out to be correct, since we have spent way more time than expected on research, design and of course the algorithm itself. But I won’t bore you with yet another “I’m a struggling start up founder” story – things are looking up for us, we again have time to take designing jobs with Perspektive and DELI is growing every day.


4. Tell us about your favorite travel experiences. If you could re-visit any destination, what would it be and why?

Anna: As I mentioned earlier I love traveling – but hey, who doesn’t. I’m a huge Indonesia lover – the weather, the food and the scenery – it is truly an amazing country. Closer to home: my heart belongs to Barcelona – put me on the plane to Barca and you’ll make me as happy as it gets. Why? It’s a diverse, beautiful city with it’s own dynamics and hey, the ZARA there is so cheap!




5. If you had to choose one attraction/place/location to best match your personality, what would it be and why? (Amsterdam or elsewhere)

Anna: Good question! Right now my answer would be BAUT. BAUT is a pop-up restaurant which got a 1,5 year long permit to stay in an everything but attractive building in Amsterdam – about to be sold and demolished. BAUT has a hideous interior design – don’t get me wrong they definitely did make it look more attractive than it was, but it’s still not much. And then you get to taste the food.. AMA-ZING. They serve four different cuisines and both the service as the food are superb. Exactly the way I like it – nothing pretentious on the forehand but blows all possible expectations with the results.


6. What secret spot in Amsterdam might you be able to share with us? What makes Amsterdam a great city to visit?

Anna: To stay true to my religion, I will have to say use DELI Amsterdam and it will take you to that exact secret spot which is relevant for you! Amsterdam is lovely because it really has a lot to offer – of cource there’s the Red Light District and the drugs but Amsterdam is so much more! Starting with countless great cafes which turn into lively cocktail bars by night, the great clubbing to art (the renovated Rijksmuseum is a must for everyone), architecture and shopping – Amsterdam truly has it all!


7. What can we look forward to seeing from you and DELI in the coming months?

Anna: We’re a small team with great ambition! It really helps a lot that the team is so international – this way everyone knows someone in a different country who loves the DELI concept and wants to get involved. We are working on DELI Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin, London and Stockholm as we speak. Sometimes a really have to pinch myself (or Geet, haha) everything is going so quickly – but I guess that’s the power of the digital world!
You can check out DELI’s platform here and give it a try for yourself – Check out DELI Amsterdam

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