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Guest Contributor Submissions

Welcome to our adventure travel community!  Please note that submissions are on hold for the moment. Contact us again in a few months.

Please contact us with any questions by email:

contact (@) digitalnomadtravelmag (dot) com


We publish both well-known and budding talents and we’d be delighted to hear from you with your proposal for contribution.  The main requirement?  Ooze adventure in your travel writing and/or photography.

Guest contributions benefit you as a writer as well as the travel community.  We can’t say it any better than this financial guru so we’ll leave it to him – read this article for some tips and inspiration!

Now that you are assured of why and how guest contributions are essential for online writers, get in touch with a submission to Digital Nomad Travel Magazine (DNTM)!   See guidelines below.

Contributor Benefits

DNTM contributors are valued members of our community and our aim is to connect readers with you – real people going on real adventures.  If you seek out adventure when you travel, if your insights inspire others on social media, and if you want to contribute to a hub of travel info geared for adventurists, then we want your insight.

You receive:

  • A place to disseminate your travel writing and photography.
  • Promotion online and through innovative mediums like our Apple Newsstand app.  Show off your work on the retina display.
  • Access to a wider audience through mobile apps as well as online.
  • A descriptive author byline providing an opportunity to link back to your site.
  • An intro paragraph to the article by the editor highlighting you as the author.
  • Our social team will go out of their way make you feel like an adventure travel celebrity.

It’s your energetic, informative content that we want though – not sales articles. It’s you, the traveler/photographer that we want to shine the spotlight on – not on your products and services. To advertise products, ads are available in the magazine at great rates.  That said, linking that provides value is allowed in the article and byline.


We’ll make it simple, we accept the following:

Original article submissions (for the magazine or our website)


Existing articles to be re-published (in the magazine app)


Original Article Submissions

May be used either for our website or the magazine depending on our editorial calendar.

Submission Checklist for Original Articles

Submit the following:

  • Completed original article with photos, captions, links & formatted with headings OR An outline for the suggested article along with samples of your previous completed work
  • Original works (not published anywhere else & using your own words, ideas and photos)
  • Photos to be used in the magazine must be provided in high resolution.
  • Articles you can make exclusive for DNTM’s use
  • See general guidelines


Re-Published Articles & Photography Submissions

Written content which is re-published in our magazine app is not duplicate online material as it is non-searchable in search engines.  No worries there!

Most excitingly, the Newsstand presents a unique and visually stunning medium to present your writing or photography as well as access to a vibrant and growing audience!

Submission Checklist for Re-Published Articles or Photography

Submit the following:

  • The article text in a Word document with photos, captions links & formatted with headings OR A link to the article(s) with a short blurb how it fits with our general guidelines (below)
  • Photographers: Submit a link to the photo(s) you’d like to submit along with a short blurb how the photography could be promoted in our magazine or on our website.  All photos to be used in the magazine must be provided in high resolution.
  • See general guidelines


Photography in the high resolution mag really stands out!

Our General guidelines

Submissions accepted by email: contact (@) digitalnomadtravelmag (dot) com

Article submissions should:

  • Grab readers’ attention, be engaging and convey quality, practical advice.
  • Fit with our vision of adventure travel – See Experiences A-Z post
  • Include a creative by-line (author description): We seek to connect readers with accessible people who are active in social media circles


The article should fall into one or more of the following categories, while staying related to adventure travel:

  • Personal anecdotes, experiences, and stories that resonate with readers
  • Advice & tips
  • Travelogues
  • Challenges overcome
  • Quality, real reviews of adventure gear or photography kit
  • Photo essays (with minimum 300 words text to accompany one essay)
  • Videos to embed (with minimum 500 words text to accompany a video)


Big No-nos

  • No copyright infringements (no “spinned” or reworded articles, you must have full rights over the text and photos)
  • No sales pitch articles or “junk info” which links out excessively and provides little value to readers
  • Avoid spelling & grammatical errors, please edit your work or it will be sent back or ignored.


The Small Print…

  • Unfortunately we can’t publish all submissions; please don’t be offended.  It may be that the content is not a good fit at the moment, but we may consider the post in the future.  The highest success rate will be from those who follow the above guidelines.
  • We may edit posts for word count and editorial space or to ensure a suitable fit with our positive and professional tone.
  • Bylines (author descriptions) can include a link to connect with the author and/or a link to one related product or service pages (must be related to the topic)
  • The above guidelines are subject to change at any time; we reserve the right to select the submissions that we deem suitable.