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Get Off Your Butt and Get Active in the Maldives

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The Maldives luxury relaxation destination is best known for just that – beach bum holidays where you escape to tropical islands for a good dose of sunshine. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a bit of lounging around but getting active is also a known form of stress release – not to mention more fun and exciting than watching the clouds go by or the waves roll in.  Surprisingly the Maldives islands are equipped to offer more than they appear in the way of adventure.

Surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing and kiteboarding in the Maldives make the region an adventure water sport destination.  While some activities have been around for years, like liveaboard scuba diving and surfing, others like kite boarding and para-sailing are more recent developments.  Less strenuous but still on the move, you can even hop on a catamaran or a jetski in certain places around the scattered islands.


Sources of Adventure in the Maldives

On one hand, most resorts offer a range of activities at an extra cost which is suitable for holiday makers without a strict budget or those that are fine with limited activities during their stay.

On the other hand, you can fill your visit with adventure and action by opting for a sport-oriented accommodation option.  That could mean a scuba diving liveaboard cruise or a surfer’s inn with break points all around the surrounding lagoons.  Many guest houses offer packages including daily excursions to which you can add additional activities to keep you constantly entertained.  The location of guest houses on local islands adds an extra element of interest, that of staying among the local population.  Guest houses in the Maldives are also significantly cheaper than resorts so you can enjoy a fuller itinerary for less, while soaking up all the islands have to offer and while sleeping easy in comfy, unique ensuite accommodation.

It’s blatantly obvious that we’re guest house people and not resort people from our description above, but we have good reason.  We’ve stayed in several guest houses in different parts of the Maldives archipelago and we think it offers the best value.   We wanted to get the message out there that there’s another side to this place.  Here is some active inspiration to show you we’re not just making it up!


maldives surf

Exhilarating rip-tides among the Maldives lagoons. Photo: Mohamed Ahsan, Flickr


maldives kitesurfing kiteboarding

Kitesurfing / kiteboarding in the Maldives. Photo: Leon Brocard


Diving in the Maldives - the turtles are cheeky and photogenic. Photo: asands, Flickr


maldives wind surf

Sailing out into the lagoon. Photo: Irol Trasmonte


Make the most of the sea on a catamaran or jet ski. Photo nattu, Flickr


If this sounds like your kind of trip then we can suggest some ways to book your activity-filled holiday.  For liveaboard diving we recommend MaldivesDiveTravel.  And for guest house stays with activities we are passionate about our project.  Promoting local tourism in these otherwise resort-dominated islands.

We love to hear stories about alternative, independent tourism in the Maldives.  Share your experiences here!


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