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From the Nomad Digital Scrapbook: Thai Local Life by the Sea

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Having always lived by inland lakes and never by the sea, the daily way of life that revolves around the tides was somewhat foreign to me. Since moving to Thailand it has been fascinating to watch how much people interact and depend on the sea for their daily activities.

Children playing, women collecting shells, men fishing… especially at low tide the bay comes alive with people.

For playtime…

thailand children beach

The sand is a place of discovery for children. Crabs, shells and other treasures keep them curious and busy for hours.

thai kids sea

Catching crabs can even be done in the best, cutest outfit after a family get-together.

walking child beach

For many this is the place they will take their first steps.

thai fisherman

...And later on in life will take a leisurely stroll (actually a fisherman making his way home)

And for work time…

thai fisherman

A fisherman scopes out the best place to throw his net.

thai fishermen

Inspiration for Fisherman's Friend. A pair of fisherman working at low tide.

thai fisherman with net

While some prefer the solo gig. A fisherman collects the extensive net into his catch bin.

thai fisherman family

For others it's a family affair and customs are passed on between generations.


So for locals the sea provides a source for food, fun and family time, especially at low tide.

For tourists the sunsets are amazing and it’s interesting to stroll out into the exposed bay and watch the sun go down over the island.

makham bay sunset

Sun going down over the island - view from the middle of the Makham Bay Phuket Island Thailand at low tide.


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