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From the Nomad Digital Scrapbook: My Spidey Sense is Tingling

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How far would you go to get the perfect shot?  Well, I’m no professional photographer by any means but the 42x zoom on my camera helps capture some cool stuff that I couldn’t get otherwise, without having to get too close.

On this occasion I somehow spotted a giant spider web between some trees in a rubber tree plantation.  Generally I’m inept at spotting anything smaller than an elephant, an unfortunate case of being very unobservant, but on this particular day something drew me in.  It sounds silly but my heart was racing while I took these shots.  I’ve never been an arachnid fan but I’ve never actually felt intimidated by a spider before – still I had to get the shot.  I stepped foot into the forest brush, where other creatures were likely lurking, and reached around a tree with the camera perched awkwardly to get the right angle and lighting.

If it’s not evident in the photo the actual size was likely that of an average-sized hand.

thailand spider

There it was perched on its forest web, silent and still

The web was huge and stretched from one tree to another, however it was difficult to find the right angle capture it’s immensity.  Fortunately the details of the spider itself came out pretty well, though I’m still not sure what type it is and when I began to research online, the many images that came up made my stomach turn.

thailand spider

Hiding among the trees it was at first a surprise, then became mesmerizing.

thailand rubber plantation

Next time you're strolling through a forest, keep an eye out for surprise photo ops! Spider is hidden between 2 trees on the right... even now I can't see it from afar.

The diversity and size of insects and spiders in Thailand is much more than I’m used to.  Each day I seem to find a new bug around our apartment, especially in this humid summer season.  But such is life in these tropical climates – only a small price to pay for the laidback lifestyle of the tropics.

Shot with a Nikon Coolpix P510.

What’s the most intimidating or scary photo you’ve ever taken?  I also welcome you to name this spider since I was unsuccessful in finding its name online.

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