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April Issue Magazine Cover: Explore Mongolia

SainUu, hello, Mongolia!

This issue Explore Mongolia follows the previous, Mongolia Open Road. Mongolia again, you say? Yes! And here’s why: This time we bring you advice and guidance from a traveler who is a 5-time return visitor to Mongolia! She claims that once you go there you’ll yearn to go back – time to see if she’s right!

We’re also bringing you more from professional travel writer Sherry Ott, who has taken part in the famed Mongol Rally, and we also discovered what might be the best HD video collection to immerse you in Mongolian culture. Together these resources inspired this condensed guide to exploring the expansive country.

Saddle up your camel for a Mongolia adventure!


Editor’s Note: In the making of the first Mongolia issue we found a great resource for planning a Mongolian adventure through a travel forum; she answered every question with such passion and detail we knew she would be a great person to feature in the mag. We want to ensure readers are not only inspired by real travelers, but that you have the resources to plan your own adventures.

We’ve also highlighted photography from an adventure travel photographer who was the star of the Kilimanjaro issue. We know you’ll enjoy the visuals as much as the articles.


In this issue of Explore Mongolia you get:

  • Advice from an experienced independent traveler with 5 visits to Mongolia under her belt
  • To explore the different events and experiences you can discover in the country, and learn how to book your own trip
  • Insights from an experienced world traveler on the road trip of a lifetime
  • To see, through stunning video, how rock music is influencing a generation of Mongolians


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