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Excitement in the Americas: Central America and a Wee Bit of the South

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The chain of nations that connects the North and South American continents is dwarfed by its neighbors yet it’s bursting at the seams in terms of adventure and biodiversity.  Central America is known as a Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot, which makes the many opportunities for exotic excitement no coincidence.

The rainforests, coral reefs, volcanoes and white water rapids all provide daring opportunities.  Check out some top activities that each country in the region has to offer in this article from

One country not mentioned in the article but that deserves to be stamped adventure-approved is Panama.  Jungle trekking and stays in jungle lodges, rafting and taking dugout canoes down river, visits to indigenous villages and beach holidays by the sea – the “bridge of the Americas” is definitely worth a visit.  You’ll have your pick of national parks too with protected park land covering much of the country.

I absolutely loved my trip to Chagres National Park staying at one of the field stations.  We took a 4×4 deep into the jungle, slept in the lodge with mosquito nets and trekked through the jungle seeing snakes and some amazing jungle scenes.  We listened to the monkeys at night.  We also visited Panama City and an indigenous village accessed only by river and we also spent some time in Bocas del Toro at the end of the trip.  For me, Panama was about the jungle, but for this traveler it was about the surf.

panama people

Panama Woman. Photo: Marc Veraart

You may be wondering about the safety of Central America and whether you want to “risk” a trip there.  The media has a strong influence on how we perceive certain regions but some of the most true impressions you’ll get from people who have traveled there in the same way you would.  Many travelers have written about this topic of safety in the Americas and this post compiles opinions of several bloggers that you should read before you travel.

Speaking of safety, would you ride the ash down the side of a volcano with just a board underneath you?  One of the activities mentioned in the article above from is ash-boarding, or volcano boarding by another name.  We found that the link to more information about ash-boarding didn’t seem to be working at the time we posted this so we found another link for you to check out here and discover this random and unique adventure opportunity.

What do you recommend for adventure in Central America?  Comment below!  FYI – All links above are provided to add value and information to your reading experience and not for the purpose of sales or affiliate programs.

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