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Culinary Travel Adventures in Morocco and Thailand – Digital Nomad Magazine Highlights

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Digital Nomad Travel Magazine seeks to expose readers to the enticing sights and sounds of travel.  Without actually being there, it’s the smells, tastes and feel of the atmosphere that can be difficult to capture.  In recent issues, however, we paint a vivid picture of the culinary and cultural delights of some exotic lands and we bring readers as close as possible to experiencing them.  Of course, the next step is getting there to discover it all first hand.

The two issues which highlight cuisine as a main attraction for travelers are A Journey Through Morocco and Bangkok Street Food.  These cuisines are as far apart as the countries themselves in their aroma and components, yet what they have in common are a depth of flavor among the best foods of the world.

The numerous local spices and extracts used in traditional cooking are what set them apart from other savors.  Food is such a distinct element of culture that you can discover the country through your taste buds.  As you’re now likely to be hungry, grab a snack while you check out these issues on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch, in our travel magazine library:

morocco magazine

Moroccan Cuisine & Culture in A Journey Through Morocco

In this Nomad Magazine issue, the articles reveal different villages and experiences as if traveling from the North to the South of the country.  A top food blogger shares some of her experiences and divulges some tagine-making secrets.

Morocco is famous for the likes of hearty home cooking.  Meaty main dishes and sandwiches, couscous, almond based cakes and desserts, fresh juices of orange and avocado as well as the famous Moroccan mint green tea.  For more on authentic experiences in the North African gem, check out our post.

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bangkok magazine

Thai Treats and Eating Innuendos in Bangkok Street Food

Depending on your background and culinary experience it may be difficult to comprehend the complexity that is Thai food and cooking.  That’s not to say it’s difficult to eat or to enjoy – au contraire mon frère, as they say – quite the opposite.

In this travel mag issue, an international foodie describes a range of Thai food dishes and you may discover what may be your new all-time favorite dish.  He specializes in videos of how and where to sink your teeth into Bangkok’s street food and may make you jealous while he devours it all.  This issue will take you virtually into the Bangkok streets and make your mouth water.

Click to access the Bangkok issue in the free app.


Also available in special issue in the travel magazine library:

Eating Thai Food Guide – We’d recommend this for when you really want to know how to eat the best of what Thailand puts on their plates.

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App homepage for Digital Nomad Magazine - Early 2013 Version


Digital Nomad Magazine on Apple Newsstand

The app is free in the Apple Newsstand and provides a collection of issues on travel destinations from Mongolia to Madagascar and Greece to Kilimanjaro.  The most recent issues are always free; there is always new, free content in the app.

The focus is on adventure, outdoor and independent travel.  Issues are compilations of travel photography, high quality video and experiences by real travelers.  Our contributors have a taste for adventure and are accessible through social media for continuous travel inspiration and information.  We’ve also added guides, tips and advice as well as interviews with photographers and adventure travelers.

As new issues are added, older ones are archived for subscribers only, creating a library of inspiration, tips and guides for traveling.

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