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Compact Quarters in Singapore Hotels – Claustrophobics beware!

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Idiosyncrasies of Travel Series: Things that make travel an interesting adventure

We knew when we booked our stay that Singapore had a reputation for fairly small accommodations.  It lived up to this reputation and even seemed to have a sense of humour about its puny proportions.  There wasn’t even room for sugar and creamer – the room’s coffee supply was a handy 3-in-1.


All is condensed and squashed in... even the coffee

The "wardrobe" gets bundled under the TV.

singapore hotel room

Nonetheless, still space for sleeping and working.

If you follow the adage of “go big or go home”, you may find Singapore sends you packing.  The quality however was quite good, the bed comfy and the curtains so dark you can have a nice lie-in.

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