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Clocking Miles On Foot: Long Distance Hiking Trails

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While some like to track the distances they travel by air in a given year, the more active among us like to keep track of distance traveled on foot. It’s great to have a goal to challenge ourselves and to push our limits, not to mention experience interesting destinations while we’re at it. So how can you get some miles under your belt and where can you go to make it interesting?

A unique development in Southern France adds to its already country-wide hiking trail system, with the trail known as “GR2013″. Explaining why a randonnée (hike) in the Southern French province would be intriguiging is not difficult, as the weather and scenery along the coast is idyllic. However, that’s not what makes this trail stand out.

The 15-day route, 227 miles long, is a trail with an artistic and urban twist. It combines and contrasts scenes in rural areas as well as unearths hidden landmarks around commercial areas. For more information, the website for Marseille-Provence, while busy in design, does a great job at describing the trail and providing information on other routes around France.

marseille hiking

Hiking along the coast in the Marseille region. Photo: akunamatata, Flickr

Hiking trails are plentiful in the United States. You’re sure to find a trail that suits your location and distance goals.  From the famous Appalachian Trail to backcountry routes like the Benton MacKaye Trail, and the majestic Pacific Crest trail that links Canada and Mexico. You can explore over 30 routes that are more than 100 miles long, each with its own scenic attractions and landscapes. Here’s a great list of them from SectionHiker website’s Trail Section, which also includes resources to get you out on your way.


Those websites should get you on your way to meeting your distance goals for the year and get you out seeing more of what nature has on offer.  More Kinetic Travel activities here or check out other adventure travel experiences.

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