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Argentina Magazine Cover. Photo/ His Noodly Appendage, Flickr

Hola, hello Argentina!

Argentina edition

Get tangled in Argentina’s culture and natural wonders this year. With opposite seasons, the winter of the north is the summer of the south, so it’s a great getaway destination.

The urban atmosphere oozes emotion with impromptu tango performances, graffiti art beyond imagine, funky cafes and great food.

Outside the city, there is adventure for every outdoor and sports enthusiast, with Patagonia to the south, the Andes peaks that run along the western border, and Iguazu Falls in the northeast. Road trips, camping, climbing, skiing and trekking are all on the table.

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In this edition:

From south to north this issue covers some great destinations around Argentina.
-Laguna de los Tres
-Buenos Aires
-Quebrada de Humahuaca (Inca Trail Valley)
-Iguazu Falls

AND some exhilarating activities:
-Urban exploration exploration

Time to tango around Argentina this year! Download this issue now!

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