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Adventures in Coastal Land – Pembrokeshire Coast Wales

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For an adventure this summer or fall we’ve got the destination for you.  The outdoors enthusiast will be in a giant playground out on the Wales west coast.

Kayaking, hiking, walking, camping, swimming, surfing, and coasteering (coasteering = rock climbing + scrambling + swimming + cliff jumping).

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path and National Park make this area accessible and ideal for nature tourism.  Ecolodges, cottages and campsites let you stay in natural surroundings while you visit.

Abercastle rock islands. Photo: Andrew Green

Abercastle rock islands. Photo: Andrew Green

Tidbits about the Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  • The path is 186 miles/299km St Dogmaels to Amroth
  • It’s the world’s first uninterrupted national coast route
  • 10-15 days to complete they whole thing with ascents and descents around beaches and peering cliffs
  • 58 beaches and 14 harbours
  • Maritime landscapes range limestone cliffs, glacial valleys, beaches, estuaries (where sea meets rivers)
  • The accumulated ascents and descents are said to be equivalent of climbing Mount Everest (35,000 ft)


Read the experiences of travelers who have explored this area and can show you the highlights.  Discover the Pembrokeshire Coast in the free magazine here.

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  1. Lhycy

    February 29, 2016 at 8:29 am

    Hi Ben,Just seen your shots in Digital Photographer magazine faitsatnc shots congrats! I’ve tried to capture puffin shots in Vestmannaejyar (a little island off the south-west coast of Iceland) and know how hard it is to get a decent shot as they’re always on the move! I think they’re my favourite birds. Highly recommend a trip to Vestmannaejyar to see the puffins (and Iceland generally!).Cheers,Sophie

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