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About Us

Digital Nomad Travel Magazine is a fountain of inspiration for independent adventure travelers and photographers.

You know how some people have a thirst for adventure but busy daily lives keep them from searching the web for travel ideas and tips?  Well, Digital Nomad offers a place for them to find adventure travel news, advice and experiences from the best web sources, all in one spot…  

-Oh!  Is that you?  Well then you’re in the right place!


Our Mission

On Apple Newsstand and online, our mission is to highlight the world’s most intriguing destinations through stunning imagery and connect readers to travelers who have been there – accessible experiences by real people.  Readers can discover a destination, see themselves there and get there.


The Magazine & Website

The magazine, optimized for iPhone, iPad and iTouch, provides inspiration on the move and takes readers on a multimedia adventure while maximizing the high definition, interactive functions of these devices.  Flip through the mag almost like a hard copy, but with integrated video, website access and social sharing that takes magazine reading to an entire new level.

The website is an adventure travel resource built through compiling the best experiences and advice from travel writers, photographers and bloggers from across the globe.  We also bring you news and reviews so you don’t miss a beat with what’s new and recommended for your travels.


Digital Nomad?

“Digital Nomad”: The ability to live and work anywhere, regardless of location, thanks to digital technology.  Combining our entrepreneurial efforts with online projects allows a location independent style of living – nomads in a digital world.


jennifer glover raki bench about us

Your magazine editors - Jenne & Raki. Enjoying the fruits of living abroad.


Raki BenchDMTM Editor in Chief, Internet Addict & Moroccan on the Move

A fun-loving guy with a bit of the Moroccan charm and humor, he always felt uneasy in the office environment and despised waking up early.  His strong desire to free himself from the 9-5 job constraints and make his own career, without boundaries, drove him to a constant search for online business propositions. Building a strong background in internet marketing, he started to focus on the potential of the Internet and mobile applications. Many doors were opened but one particular holiday experience became the start of an online project that would make life as a digital nomad possible – a guest house booking website.

As founder of, the only website dedicated to alternative, local accommodation in the Maldives, Raki made a name for himself in the Maldives guesthouse niche.  He found a unique experience in a resort-dominated region and brought it into the mainstream.  Now travellers can access the real Maldives, experience life on local islands and do it without breaking the bank.

All the while, Raki was also lured by the appeal of the exploding realm of mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.  When he merged this desire to be on the move with the budding prospects in app development, Digital Nomad Travel Magazine was born.

He currently spends his days glued to the computer screen, when he’s not out tasting a new foreign dish or on an adventure, discovering the sights.


Noteworthy tidbits about Raki:

  • He speaks 5 languages (French, Arabic, Italian, English & Spanish)
  • Nothing stresses him more than the Moroccan Football Team in competition
  • He has lived in 7 countries & 4 continents, and traveled to 17 countries. 
  • He drinks his Moroccan tea super sweet and almost refuses to eat a dish he considers to lack flavor



Jennifer GloverDNTM Managing Editor/Writer/Photographer, Small town girl gone international

A professional mainly at changing careers, Jennifer’s background is in hotels & tourism, French language studies and education.  She’s now lucky enough to combine all of her experience into a lifestyle, traveling while teaching online and freelancing as a travel writer/photographer.  Originally from Canada, her path is tricky to follow from growing up in Ontario, hours from anything urban, to living in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, to big city life in London, UK.  Staying in one place for too long has always made her a bit restless.

She currently spends her days writing, striving to improve her photography and finding people whose travel experiences and photography will light up the pages of the magazine for their readers. She will be sharing her adventures and the adventures of others as they live abroad.  She genuinely hopes that their work will motivate people to get out and have an adventure, and then another, and then another…


Noteworthy tidbits about Jenne:

  • She improved her second language, French, for love – and has always wanted to learn Japanese
  • She has lived in 8 towns/cities in 4 countries and has traveled to 17 countries (6 with Raki)
  • She has surfed in Morocco and in Wales and tried wakeboarding, skydiving, paragliding, ziplining, rock climbing, mountaineering and coasteering but still says marriage is the best adventure of all
  • She loves trying new foods, is addicted to chocolate, and thinks food tastes way better when she’s not cooking it